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If you don’t sort out your intranet strategy…

I recently came across the excellent but painful to read website (well worth a look!!!).

It struck me that this follows on nicely from my last blog about why governance fails.  If your intranet governance is non-existent or fails due to the factors described in that blog, then these “secrets” betray the classic symptoms of this situation.  No clear direction, no one understanding why the intranet exists, a separation between the needs of the business and the technology that should be supporting them.  Watch out for these other symptoms as well!

  • Reinvention of the wheel
  • No clarity of the intranet benefits
  • Variable quality, out of date information
  • Litigation risks appearing
  • Site proliferation and volumes of content with no value to user (“vanity ware”)
  • Poor search capability
  • No central view and management of the cost of ownership
  • Content arranged by organisation not process (suits provider not user)
  • Little coordination and cooperation across the business

How to fix this?  develop a well led, engaged, proactive governance team who are tuned in to the business needs and how an intranet can make people’s jobs easier!

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  1. Hey Simon, I’m glad our Intranet Secrets campaign prompted this practical post on how to solve some of the problems that these “secrets” reveal. Looking forward to reading more from you!

    Comment by Chris McGrath | March 23, 2010 | Reply

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