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Innovation in a Cold Climate

What do we need to do to thaw out our innovation processes ready for the Spring?

What do we need to do to thaw out our innovation processes ready for the Spring?

What happens to innovation when times are tough? Are we all concentrating our dwindling resources on trying to make things better, cleverer, slicker?  Or are we simply turning off the tap and hoping for the best – riding out the storm waiting for things to get better.

A recent mail from a client of mine reveals all…  “Innovation is on hold for the moment”.  I find this very worrying.

It is clear looking around at the current business environment that things will never be quite the same even after the recovery kicks in at some point in the (indeterminate) future – should we not be using this opportunity to look at how we do things and come up with new ideas?

Another very innovative and forward thinking  client recently observed “The old ways are broken, we need new ways to do things better” just before he was made redundant in the latest cost saving drive.

It is my belief that innovation will be one of the most critical keys to open up the new world that will be the post crunch economy and that those organisations that have reviewed their innovation strategies while things are quiet will be ready to leap ahead when conditions ease.

What do you think?  Is now the time for radical thinking and being bold in identifying things that need to change?  Or shall we all continue just tightening our belts and hoping for the best?

What can we do?  How do we approach it?  What tools are available to help us?  Are there new ways of thinking about innovation that can kick start the creative process?

Get involved in the debate!

Simon Evans, Innovoflow Ltd

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